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done using Urethanes

PPG Urethanes
Restorer's Choice clear

Bed cover for Harley Edtion Ford
PPG Urethanes

A blast from the past.
Back in the mural era.
32' Chevy
Appeared in Rod Action December 77'
Also appeared in a later issue.

Tire cover showing owner's shop & street rod.

57' Oldsmobile 98

Appeared in American Rodder August 1998

One of my last lacquer jobs. Since then I've switched to urethanes.

Paint: PPG banana pearl base (somewhat altered).

Flames & Scallops, with gold and brown tones, faded.

Late Model Harley

Silver & pearl base, fading to black in the front.

Rivet Design, and airbrushed logo.

Grapes, Harley Tank

Urethanes. The other side said "Raisin Hell."

Mike's toy.

V-6 Olds. Not a 442, so not to get the big boys mad I wrote 221 on the side. (Half 442)

51' Ford Custom

Lacquer, scallops and flames

51' Ford Coupe

Lacquer, candy red over multicolored base
Mine for 14 years, consumed by fire a few years ago.


PPG Urethanes

Harley, PPG Urethanes

PPG Urethanes

Urethane on plastic.

"Pri-Mal Force"

1978 GMC - 4x4 Pickup. 1/2 ton.
Completely restored.

Sportster tank

Pittsburgh cityscape
Painted for a friend of the owner of the brewery.


Sort of a "Ren & Stimpy" theme.

Mini Van

Commercial vehicle, used by recruiters for a truck driving school.

Saw blade

PPG Urethanes
Restorer's Choice primer & clear

Saw blade

PPG Urethanes
Restorer's Choice primer & clear

54 inch sawmill blade

PPG Urethanes

Early Mopar

Respectable street paint job.

PPG Lacquer

Beer Tap Handle


54 Ford custom

PPG Urethane



Appeared in Rod and Custom, October 2004

More to come!

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